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Orthodontics and Braces

Just the thought of the orthodontist’s office or being told that you need braces can be enough to throw some people into a panic. Unfortunately, the messaging on braces has been clouded by misinformation and negative perceptions. At Ofir Orthodontic, we want to make sure that you have the experience that you deserve. Braces and the practice of orthodontics are designed to make sure that you get the healthy smile that you deserve. We wanted to clear up some of the incorrect information about braces today.

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​​​​​​​When to Consider Braces

Many patients feel that any crooked teeth, at any age, will require the use of braces. The truth is that many patients may not need braces. Typically, younger patients should have their permanent teeth to really know how the teeth need to be adjusted, and what the most appropriate plan for treatment is. Adults may have several options at their disposal. Our offices can help guide you toward the best option that specifically fits your dental history and your desired outcome.

Getting the Background

When you schedule an appointment with our office, we will review your patient history. The history includes information about the tooth placement, any issues that you’ve had and can help our staff understand how you will respond to treatment. Having a thorough background helps identify the appropriate treatment and placement of braces for each patient.

Braces for Adults

We often associate braces with children and adolescents. While this can be one of the best times to correct issues, it doesn’t become any less necessary as patients age. Many adults also look toward braces to aid their physical appearance. This can increase a person’s confidence and increase their quality of life.


Ofir Orthodontics focuses on making sure that our patients' needs are met first. This means that we will listen to what you want, and then explain how we can make your dreams a reality. Call our offices today to schedule an appointment.