early orthodontic treatment

Interceptive Orthodontic Braces

Early orthodontic treatment is also referred to as interceptive orthodontics can occur as early as six to seven years of age. When orthodontic practices are encouraged at early ages, they can help to address the subsequent growth and development of the teeth that have not yet erupted. Issues like overcrowding or gaps can be easier to address at this stage of development. While early or interceptive treatments may not be suited for every patient, they are an option that you can further discuss with your orthodontist.

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Benefits of Early Treatment

Early interventions can take specific advantage for patients who are still growing and developing. Ofir Orthodontics has a deep understanding of young patients and how the subsequent teeth and jaw may develop. Early steps to help correct issues can help to avoid later complications and pain that may be caused by letting the teeth and jawbone to develop on its own. Dental sciences continue to advance, and Ofir Orthodontics makes sure to research and practice proven methods of cutting-edge technology.

Braces for children have advanced in the last few decades. This means that braces are more attractive and less visible than they have been in the past. Children and adolescents can wear corrective braces without the stigmas that existed in the past.


When to Seek Treatment

Children are typically developing their permanent teeth at around age seven. The American Association of Orthodontics, or AAO, suggest that children have an orthodontic screening by the time they reach this age. Issues that are associated with permanent teeth can often be identified at this time.

Orthodontic treatment at an age when bones are still developing can be an ideal time to address issues before they have further developed. Additionally, if no treatment is prescribed at that time, children can be continually evaluated for when the appropriate time for intervention occurs.

Braces and the “In-Crowd”

Orthodontists haven’t been oblivious when it comes to the stigma associated with having obtrusive dental hardware placed into a child’s mouth. At Ofir Orthodontics, we want to make sure that your children see their dental health as a positive thing. We offer many services to help your children get excited about creating the smile that they deserve.

Braces are now offered in a variety of colors to help kids personalize and become invested in their treatment. Elastics can be specifically designed to help your kids celebrate holidays, special events, or show their school pride. Allowing kids to choose these colors helps them feel more involved and in control of their dental choices.

Helping the Process

Braces can still be difficult for children to adjust to. A positive outlook from parents and our dental staff can go a long way to the overall success of treatment. In addition, we help to tailor treatment plans to reduce discomfort. This can include prescribing pain treatment or advising for over the counter medications that are appropriate for children.

Dental routines for children with braces can also take additional help. Making sure that your child has the proper equipment for their care can help reduce the stress and irritation that are often attributed to braces.

Looking Beyond Braces

Early intervention for orthodontic issues can also help to teach children the importance of their dental health. An early introduction to your Ofir Orthodontic can help set your children on the right path for long-term dental health and success.


If you are the parent of young children, contact Ofir Orthodontics to schedule an evaluation of your child’s dental needs. Our expert staff can help your child evaluate, understand, and care for their teeth in a positive and welcoming environment. A small step today can ensure a lifetime of great smiles.