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Invisalign by Downey, CA Orthodontist

For so many of us, crooked teeth have become a way of life. Braces used to be the only answer to straighten teeth and get the smile that we wanted. However, braces can feel cumbersome, the process of getting them installed, adjusted, changes to diet, and their appearance all combine to make people feel like a great smile just wasn’t worth it. Fortunately, Invisalign has solved so many of those issues and made that great smile a reality for many of our patients.

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What Are Invisalign Aligners?

Invisalign is a system of different clear aligners that are specifically designed to fit your teeth. Patients will have an initial appointment where their dentist creates a digital map of their teeth in their current orientation, and then incrementally shifts teeth until you have the perfect smile.

Patients typically have between 12 and 48 different Invisalign aligners. Each aligner will bring your teeth slightly closer to the desired end result. As your teeth shift, the next aligner is worn that continues to adjust the teeth until you have completed the program and have a perfect smile to prove it.


If you are considering Invisalign aligners, call our offices today. At Ofir Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on making sure that our patients come first. We want to make sure that you have the smile that you want. During your appointment, we will be sure to listen to your needs and desires and let you know how we can help get you there.