What You Should Know Before Starting Invisalign?

Traditional metallic braces have worked fine and helped realign crooked and misaligned teeth for many people. But, thanks to technological advancement, there’s now a newer solution: Invisalign® aligners.


What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign aligners are transparent orthodontic devices that help straighten and align teeth. They are made of clear plastic to make them discreet. You can hardly know someone has worn them, unlike traditional braces. Many adults who do not like the idea of walking around with braces may find Invisalign a better option. The aligners are suited for children, too, especially teenagers.


Invisalign aligners have many benefits, but there are essential facts you should know before taking them up. Here are some of them:


1. You Must Wear Invisalign Aligners Continually


You must wear the Invisalign aligners all day and night. Only take them off when eating or drinking something. Especially for the first 48 hours, keep your Invisalign on. This is when they start to arrange your teeth, and you get used to having them. Still, even after that initial period, orthodontists insist that you keep the Invisalign on for at least 22 hours each day.


2. Invisalign Aligners Deliver Results Faster Than Metallic Braces


So long as you wear Invisalign aligners for the recommended time each day, they work fast, faster than the metallic braces. As such, you would not need to wear them for too long or wait too long to see results. Some people see an improvement after only a couple of months.


3. You Need to Floss


Your dentist insists that you floss daily, but many people don’t do it at all. Their dental care involves brushing only, and many consider flossing a chore. Flossing is essential because it scrapes off plaque and food particles between your teeth and the gumline. When you fail to floss, the plaque builds up and hardens. In this way, slowly, your aligners stop fitting your teeth as they should. You may have to squeeze your teeth into them, which is painful. You wouldn’t want to deal with that.


4. The Length of the Treatment Varies


The time it takes to align your teeth will depend on the grimness and severity of the misalignment. Most people’s treatment takes 20 months or less, while others take longer. But, the skills of your orthodontist also may determine how fast you get your results. If you visit an excellent orthodontist, you may not have to put on aligners for long.


5. You May Eat or Drink With Your Aligners On


You should not eat or drink anything but water when wearing Invisalign. Beverages like coffee, tea, juice, or others are a no-go zone. If you must eat something, take out your Invisalign, have your snack, then brush your teeth. Only then can you put your Invisalign back on.


To avoid the inconvenience of brushing their teeth every time they eat, most people avoid snacking and stick to the main meals. The result is less feeding, which translates to weight loss. So, if you’ve been trying to quit snacking unsuccessfully, Invisalign aligners may set you on that path.


Invisalign aligners are a great way to straighten your smile without drawing too much attention to yourself. They are also painless and work faster than traditional braces. Visit Ofir Orthodontics in Downey, California, to have your aligners fitted. You can also call 562-396-9820 to request an Invsalign Consultation.

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