Why you should go to an orthodontist instead of a dentist for Invisalign

If you have dental misalignment, it’s almost certainly not just the appearance of your teeth that are affected. While many people’s main reason for seeking orthodontic treatment for crooked, twisted or gapped teeth, or issues with their bite is purely cosmetic, there is a functional need for treatment too. This is because teeth that are misaligned are more likely to be affected by decay and gum disease – a problem that occurs as a result of the many areas that are harder or impossible to clean properly with a toothbrush.


Fortunately, correcting your dental misalignment issues doesn’t have to mean braces. Instead, many patients can opt for a new and more convenient solution called Invisalign.

About Invisalign


Invisalign is a clear aligner solution for crooked, twisted and gapped teeth, that can also be used to correct some bite issues. These transparent, plastic aligners are worn over the top of teeth and exert gentle pressure onto them to move them gradually into a better position. The aligners are custom-made for each patient, comfortable to wear and don’t have any of the brackets or wires that can make braces so difficult to live with. Instead, patients can enjoy the freedom to eat the foods that they like without worrying about them damaging their brace. Invisalign aligners can also be removed for cleaning, which enables patients to do a better job of brushing their teeth since they don’t have to negotiate any brackets or wires. They are also virtually impossible to see when they are worn, meaning that there is no further negative impact on the appearance of your smile.


Patients need to wear their Invisalign aligners for a minimum of 22 hours each day for the treatment to be successful. When it’s time to move onto the next stage in the treatment program, you simply start using the next aligner in the series. Your orthodontist in Downey, CA will then check on your progress on a fairly regularly basis, but there’s no need for any adjustments.


Why an orthodontist is the best choice for getting Invisalign?


Anyone who wishes to become a provider of Invisalign must complete a training program in order to become certified to do so. This means that technically, Invisalign can be provided by both dentists and orthodontists. However, this doesn’t mean that you should choose a dentist for your treatment. In fact, experts agree that orthodontists are best suited to deliver this treatment. 


A dentist is essentially a doctor who specializes in teeth, gums, oral health and the jaw. However, orthodontists go one step further. As well as being trained in all of the same elements, they have undertaken a speciality within dentistry that focuses specifically on the correction of bites. This advanced training in the alignment and correction of teeth required two to three years, which is in addition to dental school. Rather than then covering all elements of dentistry, orthodontists generally only focus on moving teeth. This allows them to gain a greater degree of specialized experience within the field, ultimately, making them better positioned to deliver Invisalign treatment.


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