Everything You Need to Know About Clear Bracket Braces

The American Association of Orthodontists is aware of how popular clear bracket braces are. These braces seem to be a cross between transparent aligners and traditional metal bracket braces. Clear braces are becoming more popular. If you are considering having clear bracket braces, here’s what you should know.


What Clear Bracket Braces Are

Orthodontic technology has given birth to various ways to improve your smile. It continues to give patients more options to improve their smiles. Metal braces are a household name already. The discomfort of using these braces continues to make people avoid teeth straightening. The advancements in orthodontics allow you to choose clear bracket braces to straighten your teeth.

Clear braces are durable and discreet. They also offer lasting straightening results. Clear braces are more brittle and weaker than metal braces because of their composite materials. The ceramic brackets are larger than metal brackets. They need small ligatures or orthodontic bands.

Each clear bracket has built-in spring clips. These clips hold the orthodontic bands (ligatures) to the archwire. The ligatures are prone to staining. Even so, orthodontists change them each time the patient comes in for tightening each month. The brackets stay in place until the patient completes the treatment. They can make speaking, tooth care, and eating more difficult.


The Length of Teeth Straightening

Patients often think about how long they are going to have braces on. They feel less anxious about the treatment period for clear bracket braces. Each patient has a different set of orthodontic needs. This affects the length of treatment.

Patients with more complicated cases tend to have longer treatment periods. It may take them up to nine months or so to complete their treatment. Despite the wear time, patients do not mind at all. The comfort and transparency of the brackets make patients feel better having them on.


The Advantages

Clear bracket braces have obvious benefits. Orthodontists use wires to move your teeth to their right positions. Adjusting the wires every month allows the teeth to straighten over time. The effect will be the same as what you would get from metal bracket braces.

Attaching the clear brackets to the teeth is possible with epoxy adhesives. The compounds of these adhesives are less damaging to the teeth. They are less harsh than the adhesives for metal brackets. This type of adhesive can protect your enamel as you wear them.

Metal brackets cause scrapes and blisters. Patients complain about the discomfort they have during their treatment. Clear braces are not as aggressive to the mouth as metal ones. Patients do not need to use that much orthodontic wax to protect their mouth. These braces are more comfortable than traditional metal braces. Adults and teens also feel more confident while wearing clear bracket braces. These braces are almost invisible. Users do not feel awkward at all during their treatment.

Clear bracket braces make teeth straightening less stressful and more comfortable. At Ofir Orthodontics, we focus on our patients’ safety and comfort as they go through our treatments. You can visit our clinic in Downey, California, for an in-person consultation. Please call us at 562-396-9820 for appointment scheduling or inquiries about our clear bracket teeth straightening packages.

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