How Effective Are Virtual Orthodontic Consultations

The idea of health care from the safety of our homes is not new. But it has exploded since the spread of the novel coronavirus. Virtual appointments are on the rise to improve the delivery of health care services, including orthodontics. With social distancing and everything else going on with the world now, it’s not easy to keep up. With telehealth, though, you can now ease your worries away by reducing your risk of coming into contact with strangers. Here’s how virtual orthodontic consultations can benefit you during a global health crisis:


  • It’s As Easy As 1-2-3. The premise of virtual appointments is pretty simple. All it needs is to take a few pictures of your teeth and upload them on an orthodontic website or downloadable mobile application. Then, the orthodontist will connect with you through a video conference. This way, they can thoroughly review the images you sent them and discuss the appropriate treatment for your orthodontic issue.


  • It Limits Outside Contact. This is one of the main benefits of virtual appointments. People get infected with COVID-19 because they encounter strangers who don’t show symptoms but are carriers of the virus. Virtual orthodontic consultations keep you safe and healthy during the pandemic. Crowded and enclosed spaces are where the disease can spread quickly. You may have to take public transportation to see your dentist or orthodontist. But now, you can safely call in at the comforts of your home. Virtual consultations also eliminate the need to pass people on the street as you walk to your appointment. You also get to avoid the waiting room and other places that will increase your risk of exposure.


  • It Provides Precise Treatment. Virtual consultations cannot replace in-person visits. But the former still plays a massive role in making dental care convenient, accessible, and affordable. With information technology, you can now reach orthodontists and dental laboratories easily. They can send specific information to one another to discuss your case, allowing for a faster and more accurate diagnosis. This will help them create a more precise, individually tailored treatment for your needs and expectations. Besides, many virtual orthodontist appointment setups now allow for more than just one specialist in a call. You could talk to two experts at once to address your concerns. This can help you save time and money.


  • It Helps You Save More. Virtual appointments eliminate travel time, which can translate to lower transportation costs. It also helps lessen the times you have to spend away from work or school. Both keep the cost of your treatments down. There’s also evidence that virtual checkups encourage people to get consultations more often. It also prompts them to seek advice regarding their dental issues even before they become severe. In other words, virtual consultations help dentists catch more problems early on. As a result, the cost of treatment is brought down across the industry.


Are you keeping up with your current orthodontic treatment? Perhaps you’re taking the first steps in achieving your dream smile. Regardless of your reasons, we are committed to providing you with the best dental care possible. Contact Ofir Orthodontics today in Downey, California, to schedule your virtual consultation. Call us now at (562) 396-9820 for more information.

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