Smile Correct or Invisalign? Which is better?

Smile Correct or Invisalign? Which is better?


In recent years, clear aligners have proven to be a very popular and successful alternative to conventional braces. Whilst braces require patients to make a variety of day to day compromises – from what they eat and how they care for their teeth to drawing attention to their teeth when they open their mouths, clear aligners manage to eliminate most of these concerns and give patients a much more convenient solution with which to correct misalignment and bite issues which are affecting the function and appearance of their teeth.


Deciding which clear aligners solution is right for you can be an overwhelming prospect. After all, they are all the same thing…. Aren’t they? Two of the most popular choices are Smile Correct and Invisalign. Whilst it is true that both solutions are very similar and work in the same way, there are some distinct differences between them that patients need to be aware of when making the decision about which variety they want to choose to correct their orthodontic issues.

How do clear aligners work?

All clear aligner treatment programs essentially work in the same way – by placing consistent, gentle pressure onto the teeth and jaw so that they move into the new and preferred position. All clear aligners involve wearing transparent, plastic aligners that aren’t dissimilar to night guards for tooth grinding over the top of the teeth. These are custom designed specifically for each patient based on molds that have been taken of their teeth and are provided in a series that are all ever so slightly different, representing various stages in the progression of the treatment.


Patients must wear their aligners in the order provided. They must also wear them for a minimum of 22 hours each day to ensure that enough pressure is placed on to the teeth for the treatment to be successful. They can be removed for cleaning them and your natural teeth, and for eating so that you don’t have to compromise on what foods you enjoy, so long as they are placed back into your mouth immediately after.


Some of the key benefits of clear aligners include:

-          More discretion for patients since they don’t need to worry about showing a mouth full of metal when they talk or smile.

-          Greater comfort since they are made from soft plastic and there are no pieces of metal wiring.

-          Eat what foods you want to without worrying.

-          Cleaner, healthier teeth since aligners are far easier to clean than braces.

What you need to know about Smile Correct

There are a few important things that patients need to be aware of before choosing Smile Correct:


-          Smile Correct requires you to make your own impressions of your teeth and mouth. You will be sent a kit in the mail that will enable you to take molds of your mouth. These are then returned to Smile Correct HQ where they can be used to determine how your teeth need to move in order to correct your orthodontic issues and give you a smile you can be proud of.


-          Smile Correct treatment is planned by a skilled and experienced orthodontist who identifies the issues that you are having and how best to correct them. This will be used create a preview of how your new smile will look and you must approve this for treatment to go ahead.


-          Your aligners are then created and sent to you a few weeks later so that you can start your journey to a new smile. You will receive full instructions. Whilst your treatment progress will be tracked, rather than being done in person, it is done using teledentistry/video calls with your assigned orthodontist.


-          On average, straightening takes around 16 weeks but this depends on the severity of your orthodontic problems.


What you need to know about Invisalign

Here’s what you need to know about Invisalign, which remains the preferred option for the majority of patients:


-          Invisalign appointments are carried out in person by a trained and experienced provider. This means that every aspect of your care is overseen in person, rather than over a video chat, something which many patients prefer since it enables them to build a rapport with their provider who can then better understand them.


-          Your impressions are also taken by professionals. However, rather than simple molds, Invisalign uses cutting edge technology to take dozens of high-resolution images of your teeth and these will be used to create a current image of your mouth and teeth. Advanced mapping technology is then used to plan the treatment, and later, to create your Invisalign aligners with unrivalled precision and care. This method is considered far superior to that used in Smile Correct.


-          Invisalign aligners are made with patented SmartTrackÒ thermoplastic material which makes them more comfortable and more durable than any other aligner on the market. They are FDA approved, and contain no BPA, BPS, latex or gluten.


-          Invisalign is more expensive than Smile Correct, but with good reason. With Invisalign, you receive complete care, in person, from a highly knowledgeable, educated and experienced Invisalign provider at every stage of your treatment.



If you are considering clear aligners and would like more information about either of the options given here, or if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your suitability for a clear aligner treatment program, please contact our offices.



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