The Benefits of Invisalign

While many people still choose to go with traditional braces for their orthodontic treatment, there is a newer option available that offers many benefits over traditional braces called Invisalign. When it comes to straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you can experience more benefits than just repositioning your misaligned teeth. Invisalign offers a number of different removable, clear devices so not only will your appearance improve, but you can also experience health advantages over traditional braces such as a decreased risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Benefits of Straight Teeth

According to the American Dental Association, straightening your teeth can positively impact your overall dental health. Invisalign not only corrects crowding and gaps, but it also fixes abnormal bites. When the lower and the upper jaws do not properly meet, you can experience other oral health issues, such as tooth loss and cavities. You can also experience tooth enamel erosion, gum infections, and even trouble with eating or speaking.

If your teeth are widely spaced, food particles can get stuck between them easily. This can increase your risk of developing gum disease or periodontitis. However, when your teeth are positioned correctly, your gums will fit around your teeth better.

Teeth are also more likely to last for a lifetime when they are straight and you will be less likely to have chipped teeth when they meet properly.

Comfortable and Convenient

Invisalign offers a cutting-edge alternative to traditional braces and is one of the most popular types of removable braces. The aligners will place gentle pressure on your teeth to move them gradually and do not require the unsightly wires and brackets that conventional braces have. Invisalign is made from polyurethane resin that is nearly invisible when you are wearing them.

Additionally, you will be less likely to develop cavities during your treatment since you can take the aligners out when brushing and flossing. This makes it much easier to clean every nook and cranny of your teeth. With traditional braces, it can be difficult to remove pieces of food from between the brackets and wire which can cause gum disease and tooth decay.

Because you can take out the aligners, you can drink and eat whatever you want to. You will also be able to play sports without worrying about an injury to your braces. The comfort level of Invisalign is also appealing to many patients as the aligners have smooth edges, making them more comfortable to wear than metal braces. The orthodontist can also usually control the aligners more than traditional braces.

Customized Aligners

Each set of Invisalign aligners is customized to properly fit the patient’s teeth. This will ensure both precision and comfort for the patient. Each time a patient gets a new set of aligners, the teeth will move slightly, both vertically and horizontally. Attachments can be used when the teeth need to be rotated.

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