What to Ask When Getting Braces?

Traditional dental braces use brackets that run along a wire. They're affixed onto your teeth, supporting movements to straighten them. There are many reasons why you might opt to get braces over other orthodontic treatments. They're functional and work efficiently for fixing complex dental problems. Do you have bite issues, overcrowded or crooked teeth? When you meet with your orthodontist for the first time, ensure that you ask detailed questions. This way, you will determine whether they're a good fit for your dental needs. Here are some things you need to ask your orthodontist when getting braces:


  • What's Your Background in Orthodontics?   

    • Any certified dentist can technically perform orthodontics work. But you'd want to work with someone who specialized in orthodontics. You may feel like you're out of line to ask about their training and experience. But questions about where they attended dental school, how long they've been in practice, and where they completed their orthodontic specialty residency will help you gain some perspective on their competency. 


  • What Treatment Type Is Best for My Situation? 

    • Once your orthodontist examines your mouth, they will provide you with the available options to treat your dental issue. In the past, getting braces means having a mouth full of silver metal wire braces. That's no longer the case now as the field of orthodontics has advanced significantly in recent years. Not all forms of orthodontic solutions are the same, though. You have the choice between getting conventional metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, or clear aligners. Your orthodontist will help you pick the best option while keeping your unique dental needs and lifestyle in mind. 


  • How Much Will It Cost? 

    • The total cost of your treatment largely depends on the type of braces you will choose and how long you'd have to wear them. While the average price range is between $5,000 and $6,000, some patients pay as little as $3,000 or a whopping $10,000. Getting braces is a highly personalized orthodontic treatment. Besides the type of braces that you will wear and the length of time, your total expenses will also factor in your age and insurance policy.


  • How Long Will the Treatment Take? 

    • Every mouth is a little different. While some patients tend to be very responsive to treatment, others tend to take longer to adjust. On average, braces take between 18 and 36 months to complete the treatment process. For some people, though, their treatment can be done in just a year. Your orthodontist can give you an estimated time after your initial consultation. During this period, you will have to visit your orthodontist regularly. For traditional braces, follow-up appointments are generally expected once a month, while for clear aligners, you may check with your doctor every six weeks. 


  • How Much Pain Is Involved?

    •  After fitting your metal braces, there will be a little bit of discomfort during the first couple of weeks or so. It's highly recommended that you only eat soft foods until you adjust to your braces and learn to clean them periodically. There may be times when your braces will cause sore gums. But your orthodontist will cover the metal brackets and wires with a soft piece of wax to reduce the risk of irritation. 


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