What Sets Us Apart

Six Thousand Smiles – And Counting!

For more than 20 years, Dr. Alon Ofir has helped people achieve their best smile. He creates smiles that are beautiful, healthy, and stand the test of time!

Along with his team at Ofir Orthodontics, Dr. Ofir delivers a truly personalized orthodontic experience. We all believe in caring for our patients as we would care for our own family members: with compassion, respect, empathy, and integrity.

You are important to us as a person. We want to learn what’s important to you, celebrate your achievements at school and work, and encourage you to become the best person with the best smile!

What Makes Ofir Orthodontics Different?


We’re an independent orthodontic office. We set our schedule, to make sure you have plenty of time to talk with Dr. Ofir at each visit, and promise you’ll be seen at your appointment time and never feel rushed.

Dr. Ofir and our team members believe in communication. It’s essential that you understand what’s happening in your mouth, how treatment works, and what you’ll need to do to achieve your new smile. We provide age-appropriate education, encourage your questions, and always answer clearly and honestly.

We offer patient-centered orthodontic care. Here, you’ll be greeted by name, we’ll remember our last conversation, and we’ll look forward to your visits as time spent with a friend!

We believe in teamwork. Instead of healthcare provider and patient, we’ll strive to form a team, and partner with you to develop the incredible smile you deserve. We’ll support, educate, and encourage you at every step of treatment. We want you to finish with a smile you love ... and to have loved every minute of your orthodontic experience!

We’re family-friendly and respectful of each family’s concerns. Dr. Ofir believes everyone deserves a confident, beautiful smile. When creating your treatment plan, he considers your clinical situation along with your financial, time, and lifestyle concerns. Because we provide a range of advanced orthodontic options, Dr. Ofir is able to develop a treatment approach that addresses all of your needs!

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

Before starting orthodontic treatment, it’s important for you to understand your clinical concerns and how those affect not only your smile but your overall health. You also need to understand all the treatment available options, how each works, and your responsibilities. This ensures you’re able to make an informed decision about your new smile!

Please contact our Downey, CA orthodontic office and schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Ofir. The sooner you call, the sooner you’re on the path to a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles that will change your life. Call us today!