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How Effective Are Virtual Orthodontic Consultations

The idea of health care from the safety of our homes is not new. But it has exploded since the spread of the novel coronavirus. Virtual appointments are on the rise to improve the delivery of health care services, including orthodontics. With social distancing and everything else going on with the world now, it’s not easy to keep up. With telehealth, though, you can now ease your worries away by reducing your risk of coming into contact with strangers. Here’s how virtual orthodontic consultations can benefit you during a global health crisis:

How Quickly Do Teeth Move with Invisalign?

The Invisalign® treatment is very popular with people who want to improve their smiles. However, many who are considering undergoing the treatment wonder how quickly teeth move with Invisalign.

What You Should Know Before Starting Invisalign?

Traditional metallic braces have worked fine and helped realign crooked and misaligned teeth for many people. But, thanks to technological advancement, there’s now a newer solution: Invisalign® aligners.

How Affordable Is Invisalign®?

For decades, traditional braces have always corrected misaligned teeth. Most people do not love this form of teeth-straightening system because of the appearance of the sharp wires and brackets. Thanks to advances in dental care technology, you can now have your teeth straightened without the hassle of traditional braces. The American Association of Orthodontists recognizes Invisalign® as a more convenient way to straighten teeth. Yet, despite its aesthetic and painless benefits, the main concern for most people is Invisalign’s affordability. If you want to find out how affordable Invisalign is, here’s what you should know.

Why wearing your retainer is so important after braces?

If you have finished your braces treatment, congratulations! Orthodontic treatment is a long process that requires significant commitment from you to make it a success. You will have spent a lot of time taking care of your braces and your teeth properly, so maintaining your new smile is going to be your next priority. One of the best ways of doing this is by making sure that you wear your retainer routinely following your orthodontic treatment.

Why you should go to an orthodontist instead of a dentist for Invisalign

If you have dental misalignment, it’s almost certainly not just the appearance of your teeth that are affected. While many people’s main reason for seeking orthodontic treatment for crooked, twisted or gapped teeth, or issues with their bite is purely cosmetic, there is a functional need for treatment too. This is because teeth that are misaligned are more likely to be affected by decay and gum disease – a problem that occurs as a result of the many areas that are harder or impossible to clean properly with a toothbrush.

At What Age Should My Child Get Braces?

Children can need braces for a variety of different reasons. Fortunately, orthodontists can use braces to correct dental misalignment and eliminate any symptoms that you may have been experiencing.

How to Feel Confident Going Back to School with Invisalign

Whether it is your child undergoing orthodontic treatment while still at school, or you are an adult seeking treatment to improve the position of your teeth and jaw, Invisalign has a number of confidence-boosting benefits.

Why Summer Is the Best Time to Start Orthodontic Treatment

Summertime can give you many reasons to smile. Not only are the days longer, but the sun is also warmer. As the school year ends and kids begin their summer break, it’s good to schedule a dental exam for children ages seven and up. Here’s why this time of the year is the best time to start orthodontic treatment.

How to Brush Your Teeth and Floss When Wearing Braces

To rock a healthy smile when you have braces, you should brush and floss your teeth the correct way. Good dental hygiene can ensure no plaque buildup due to accumulated food particles in your gums, between your teeth, and around your braces.