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Parent’s Guide to Orthodontics: Invisalign Clear Aligners and Traditional Braces

If your child has been identified as someone who would benefit from orthodontic treatment, you may be given several different options with regards to addressing their specific issues. We’ve put together this brief guide for parents on both traditional braces and the newer clear aligners to help you and your child decide which is the most appropriate choice for their treatment.

Invisalign Tips and Tricks for Surviving Your First Week

There’s no doubt about it that Invisalign is an excellent solution for helping restore your smile. We can’t recommend this option enough as far as convenience, and amazing results go. However, it’s also no secret that wearing Invisalign can take some getting used to. For those of you who are brand new to using the system, here are a few tips and tricks to help you survive those first few days after you pop them in.

Smile Correct or Invisalign? Which is better?

In recent years, clear aligners have proven to be a very popular and successful alternative to conventional braces.