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Food and Drinks to Avoid With Invisalign

Improvements in dental technology have meant that straightening the teeth does not have to involve wearing traditional metal braces. Using Invisalign is a convenient option for people who want straight teeth without all the metalwork. Clear aligners have become a welcome option, especially for adults. 

How to Know If Your Child Needs Braces

As your child grows, being keen about their dental health is very important. Braces can correct various dental problems. Crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, and crowding in the mouth need orthodontic treatment. Braces are part of orthodontic treatment. Once worn, they can align and straighten teeth.

What Happens If TMJ Is Left Untreated?

Have you been experiencing pain in your jaw? Are you finding it difficult to open and close your mouth? These problems in the function of your jaw could be a sign of TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder. At first, your condition may seem relatively minor. However, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Cost of Invisalign® vs. Braces

If you want the best orthodontic care, you will have to choose a product from what the market has to offer and how it will meet your needs. The procedures and appliances that help in realigning and straightening your teeth differ greatly. For instance, if you want to choose between Invisalign® and braces, you must consider the pros and cons of each. Finally, you should make your decision based on your needs, preference, and lifestyle.

What Causes TMJ and Is It Treatable?

The temporomandibular joint connects the lower jaw to the skull. Both sides of the head have this joint, allowing the jaw to open and close. It plays an important role in enabling people to eat and speak. When damaged or injured, this joint can cause a localized pain disorder known as a temporomandibular joint syndrome, or TMJ. 

Invisalign or Braces for Teenagers? What’s the Better Choice?

Gone are the days when the only option for straightening teeth was thick, metal braces. Nowadays, parents can choose between traditional braces and Invisalign for their teens. However, as a parent, how can you determine the best straightening option for your teenager? 

Everything You Need to Know About Clear Bracket Braces

The American Association of Orthodontists is aware of how popular clear bracket braces are. These braces seem to be a cross between transparent aligners and traditional metal bracket braces. Clear braces are becoming more popular. If you are considering having clear bracket braces, here’s what you should know.

What You Should and Should Not Eat While You Have Braces

Having braces comes with certain food restrictions, so knowing what you can eat and what you should avoid is part of ensuring your success. To get that beautiful smile and perfectly straight teeth, follow the guidelines for the best results.

What to Ask When Getting Braces?

Traditional dental braces use brackets that run along a wire. They're affixed onto your teeth, supporting movements to straighten them. There are many reasons why you might opt to get braces over other orthodontic treatments. They're functional and work efficiently for fixing complex dental problems. Do you have bite issues, overcrowded or crooked teeth? When you meet with your orthodontist for the first time, ensure that you ask detailed questions. This way, you will determine whether they're a good fit for your dental needs.

How Effective Are Virtual Orthodontic Consultations

The idea of health care from the safety of our homes is not new. But it has exploded since the spread of the novel coronavirus. Virtual appointments are on the rise to improve the delivery of health care services, including orthodontics. With social distancing and everything else going on with the world now, it’s not easy to keep up. With telehealth, though, you can now ease your worries away by reducing your risk of coming into contact with strangers. Here’s how virtual orthodontic consultations can benefit you during a global health crisis: